Vegetables at Farmer's Market

Regenerative Agriculture Based on Permaculture Principles

Local farm-grown berries, fruits, nuts, and vegetables

Regenerative Agriculture Companies in Virginia

Waterloo Creek Farm is a regenerative farming operation adopting permaculture design principles using nature’s way of growing plants and caring for the land and particularly the soil. We are an owner-operated agricultural farm and agroforestry enterprise and never use non-natural, non-organic fertilizers or pesticides.

Collard Greens Are Grown as a Farm on the Mountain

Environment-Friendly Regenerative Farming

If we take care of our soil and water, the land will produce healthy, nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, and nuts. We take pride in taking care of the needs of the plants in a way that benefits nature and our health.

Tractor Spraying Soybean Field

Our Products

As one of the leading regenerative agriculture companies, we focus on producing and selling healthy, nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Order us online to get the best quality items at the lowest prices.